Staying Safe on Social Media Sites

social-media-securityWhat are social networking sites?

Social networking sites, sometimes referred to as “friend-of-a-friend” sites, build upon the concept of traditional social networks where you are connected to new people through people you already know. The purpose of some networking sites may be purely social, allowing users to establish friendships or romantic relationships, while others may focus on establishing business connections.
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How To Avoid IT Outsourcing Mistakes

Outsourcing information technology, infrastructure and desktop support are common practices, and outsourcing data center hosting, e-commerce systems, security or software development are becoming the norm. By outsourcing functions, companies can divert would-be IT budget requirements to improvements in production lines, a larger sales staff and other factors that contribute to company growth and profitability. But the risks of outsourcing are considerable, and mistakes such as insufficient management oversight can be costly and lead to project failure, as well as a company’s demise.
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The successor to Internet Explore is going to be officially called Microsoft Edge


Microsoft just announced today during the 2015 Build conference in San Francisco, CA that the new name for their browser which they’ve been calling “Project Spartan” will be officially titled Microsoft Edge. The Edge naming may not surprise many as it’s the same name given to the new rendering engine (EdgeHTML) that Microsoft is using for its Windows 10 browser.

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Xfinity is turning home routers into public Wi-Fi hotspots


On June 10th, around 50,000 Comcast Xfinity Internet customers in Houston, Texas will become part of a massive public Wi-Fi hotspot network, a number that will swell to over 150,000 by the end of June.
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Estacada woman among 371 Oregonians accused of illegally downloading Steven Seagal movie

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Emily Orlando taught English at Clackamas Community College for 26 years, and each term she’d cover the legal and ethical issues of plagiarizing or otherwise using others’ work without giving payment or attribution.

So the 64-year-old was surprised when she received a stern letter last month from a Salem lawyer accusing her of illegally downloading a bloody Steven Seagal movie through an online file sharing program. She was given two weeks to pay $7,500, the lawyer for Voltage Pictures threatened, or she could face a judgment of as much as $150,000.

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