Are You Making These Critical Password Mistakes?

Your password is your first line of defense against identity thieves, hackers, and others who would love to drain your bank account, open credit cards in your name, and otherwise wreak havoc with your financial and personal life. If you fail to create a strong password and keep it secret, you are opening yourself up to all manner of online trouble.
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5 Tips For Staying Safe Online

Online SecurityWith the constant rise in Internet usage across the world, online security is an important issue to consider. Each time you access the Internet, you should take precautions to protect your sensitive personal information. Here are five simple and effective tips for staying safe online.

1) Stay On Top Of Software Updates

Whenever you receive an official notification regarding a software update for your computer, you should take action immediately. One of the main purposes of software updates is to fix vulnerabilities that create opportunities for online scammers and hackers. Installing all software updates in a timely manner will dramatically reduce the risk of your computer or online accounts being accessed by anyone but you.
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Look before you click!

Look before you click, and be skeptical of e-mails. Do not be a victim of spear phishing!

phishing-adDo not open email messages when you can’t tell who the real sender is. Oftentimes, “friendly” postcards and mass-messages (chain e-mail) alert readers of danger, while having weird syntax, poor spelling and suspicious web addresses. Keep asking yourself “Why should I believe that?” It is important to remember that you can’t always trust the “from” address on email, as it is easily faked by fraudsters, trojans and viruses. If you aren’t expecting a message, link, or attachment from someone, ask yourself “Why you should I trust that it really came from the apparent sender, and that it’s safe?” When in doubt, it’s a good idea to call and verify that they sent you the message.

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Six Ways to Protect Your Email Address from Spam

email-spamEmail spam may be a common problem, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Outsmarting spammers isn’t hard; you just need to watch what you do with your email address and who you share it with. Here are suggestions that may help shield your account from junk messages.
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5 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself Online

Protecting yourself online is very important. You must take every precaution to protect your identity and your finances. Over-sharing online is a common mistake that many people make that gets them into trouble. This article outlines five things that you can do to protect yourself online.
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