PEAK Internet Style Guide
PEAK Internet is a local company with strong brand recognition, associated closely with our work in the community and providing cutting edge services to our customers. It is important to maintain an exceptional level of quality across all branding platforms, and to help in these efforts, we provide all the necessary styling information needed for print or internet usage. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Correct use of our logo, as well as using our specific color palette and unique font set helps people recognize PEAK Internet more clearly. As with your writing, you should choose visuals appropriate for your audience. These colors and unique identifying logos should be used prominently when featuring our brand in any form of advertisement or literature. We’ve made it easy to produce materials by including them on this page.

The goal of our web guidelines is to make your life easier. We want the branding shown to your audiences online to reflect the language, imagery and style that closely reflects PEAK Internet. But we also recognize that everyone’s communications needs are different, so we created a flexible set of rules and tools that will help you craft a distinct online presence that is still unique to your business, while still properly reflecting PEAK.