Define Your Corp Disaster Recovery Plan

Theft, data breaches, cyber attacks, and natural disasters are just a few reasons why every corporation needs a disaster recovery plan. Most businesses disregard IT security and disaster recovery as an unneeded expense until they actually need them. A little upfront expense is nothing compared to the loss of critical systems with no detailed steps for recovery. It might seem like only one or two issues could require disaster recovery, but there are numerous issues that could trigger the need to put a disaster recovery in action.
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How To Avoid IT Outsourcing Mistakes

Outsourcing information technology, infrastructure and desktop support are common practices, and outsourcing data center hosting, e-commerce systems, security or software development are becoming the norm. By outsourcing functions, companies can divert would-be IT budget requirements to improvements in production lines, a larger sales staff and other factors that contribute to company growth and profitability. But the risks of outsourcing are considerable, and mistakes such as insufficient management oversight can be costly and lead to project failure, as well as a company’s demise.
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PEAK Internet Acquires Corvallis Technical

CORVALLIS, OREGON, November 5, 2015 – PEAK Internet, LLC (dba PEAK Professional Services) has acquired Corvallis Technical, LLC, a Corvallis, Oregon based managed services provider (MSP) and computer repair company. PEAK Internet and Corvallis Technical have shared a close relationship for many years and will combine their product offerings and services to bring the best of each to the industry.
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Google Play Store Refunding Certain Users

You might have received an email from Google stating that you may be eligible for a refund for apps you purchased through the Google Play Store. This is because PEAK was previously using Google for our email service, then Google decided to cancel their partner program for ISP’s. Many users had spent money on apps, movies, music and other purchases in the Play Store, and can now no longer access them, so they decided to refund those users. If you receive this email, go ahead and fill out the form using your PEAK email address. If accepted you will receive a refund from Google directly.
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5 Tips to Protect Your WordPress Site from Hackers

WordPress has a growing number of users who find their sites are getting hacked. WordPress without plugins is mostly secure, but added plugins can leave your site vulnerable. Here are five tips for protecting your site from being hacked.

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