The History Behind Microsoft XP’s “Bliss” Background


This month marked the end of an era when Microsoft officially ended support for one of the most popular operating systems of all time. A casualty of this undertaking was Bliss, the default wallpaper of Windows XP.
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What is this HeartBleed Bug and is my website vulnerable?


To put your mind at ease, every hosting account at PEAK Internet is safe! Our engineers are constantly searching for these types of security vulnerabilities on our systems. PEAK Engineers have verified that our hosting and email servers are not susceptible to this bug.

PEAK would like to remind you when using any third party website on the Internet example (banking, online shopping, etc..) you should always use best practice when choosing a secure password. For more information on choosing a secure password please visit

You might have thought that little padlock in your browser address bar meant you were safe. That your web connection was encrypted, and you could securely provide user names, passwords, credit card numbers, and more.

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How to choose a good secure password


Your password is what tells the computer that you are who you say you are. Until we can do retina scans like in James Bond movies, the password is the best that we can do. But, because your password is like a key to your account, you need to safeguard it. Anyone who has your password can get into your account, and your files. Anyone who can guess your password has it. Anyone who has your password can pose as you. Therefore, you may be held responsible for someone else’s actions, if they are able to get your password. You may not wish this to happen.
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2014 Employee Awards Banquet


It’s great to see the sun shining and plants starting to bloom, these are truly signs that spring is here in Oregon. Spring brings to mind many different activities — for some it marks a break from school, for others a time to clean the house and perhaps a family vacation. At PEAK, spring marks a time for us to celebrate another year of success and to honor our standout employees at the annual PEAK awards banquet.

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