Six Ways to Protect Your Email Address from Spam

email-spamEmail spam may be a common problem, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Outsmarting spammers isn’t hard; you just need to watch what you do with your email address and who you share it with. Here are suggestions that may help shield your account from junk messages.
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5 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself Online

Protecting yourself online is very important. You must take every precaution to protect your identity and your finances. Over-sharing online is a common mistake that many people make that gets them into trouble. This article outlines five things that you can do to protect yourself online.
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Xfinity is turning home routers into public Wi-Fi hotspots


On June 10th, around 50,000 Comcast Xfinity Internet customers in Houston, Texas will become part of a massive public Wi-Fi hotspot network, a number that will swell to over 150,000 by the end of June.
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Amazon Bringing HBO Content to Amazon Prime Members


A memo to everyone grubbing HBO GO passwords from friends, family and even co-workers: if you have an Amazon Prime membership, starting May 21 you’ll no longer have to piggyback on someone else’s HBO subscription. The two companies have inked a  deal that will bring original HBO titles like The Wire and The Sopranos and, eventually, back-seasons of current HBO favorites likeGirls and Veep exclusively to Amazon Prime customers without having an HBO subscription. Continue Reading »

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