Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless

What do you do if your business is outside the service range for that last DSL remote. If you need more than a standard DSL Internet connection to feed your growing office?

Throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley, PEAK offers wireless Internet service from several tower locations available to you with increased speeds and business-grade reliability. Fixed Wireless from PEAK Internet offers speeds up to 3Mbps, 5Mbps, or even 30Mbps, depending on your location.

Call today and get business class Internet connection that matches the intensity of your business – all at less than half the price of a T1 or competing technology.

Wireless Coverage Map

A clear line of sight is required. Check for trees or buildings blocking your view to the nearest tower.

Check Availabilty

Up to 3 Mbps Download

Best for social media and email

Up to 6 Mbps Download

Best for YouTube viewing, social media and email

Up to 8 Mbps Download

Best for standard definition video streaming, social media and email

Up to 12 Mbps Download

Best for HD video streaming, social media and email

Up to 20 Mbps Download

Best for online gaming, HD video streaming, social media and email

Up to 30 Mbps Download

Perfect for all Internet related needs

All packages include 5 emails.

Free Installation with a 2 year contract
Contract-free service is available with $100 installation plus $6/month added to the prices above.

$99.00 equipment deposit required (refunded when all equipment is returned)
*Static IP’s are $5.00/mo