2009 May – Tech Talk

Internet and Computer Security

The importance of Internet and computer security can never be underestimated. With your online identity and financial well-being at stake, it is important that you stay up-to-date on the latest practices and tools to keep you protected. Where can you turn? The Tech Talk crew is here to help! Join in as Jim and Dan discuss everything you need to know about your online and computer security.

Listen in as Dan goes over his comprehensive security guide. Review your password strategy and find out about different applications that will help you track and generate new passwords. Steer clear of new phishing scams and learn how to quickly determine if a suspicious e-mail is credible. Lastly, make sure your computer is protected with the proper anti-virus and malware protection. Tune in, the May episode of Tech Talk will help you master your Internet and computer security.

Don’t miss it. Tune-in or download this month’s show to get the latest in technology explained to you. You can download this podcast directly by going to http://www.peakinternet.com/techtalk