ActionNet Email Upgrade

To email users –

Dont Forget to change your username and check your password.

Don't Forget to update your user name when logging in to the new system. You must have: "" as a part of your whole user name.

(setting changes and actions involved in this migration only affect users and not other current PEAK administered email domains)

Thank you for your continued patronage as a PEAK Internet customer. As part of an ongoing effort to provide quality services for customers, PEAK will be upgrading the email system that is currently providing your service.  It is expected that this process will be seamless and your current email and contacts will be preserved.  Please note the important access changes in this note:

  • PEAK will be migrating from the current mail system to an upgraded mail platform.  This upgrade will provide added stability, ease of use, and improved user-interface.  The exact date for this transition will be December 2nd, 2009.  Your archived mail will be migrated soon after the account transition.
  • To access your mail after December 2nd, you must use your complete customer username to log-in.  As an example, rather than using “user124,” you must now use “”
  • During this process, all easily exploitable passwords (less than six letters, no special characters,
    If you arent able to log into your account, try adding the added text from your notification email.
    If have trouble logging into your account, try appending the text included in the notification email from PEAK to the end of your password.

    etc.) will be reset with the appended text originally sent in the notifying email message.  After you log-in using this new combination, your password needs to be changed.  You may do this by accessing: with your updated account information, clicking on “Preferences,” then “General,” and “Change Password.”  Note:  weak passwords are being actively exploited by spammers.  This step is being taken to prevent the threat of account hijacking and subsequent fraudulent activity.

  • Please select a password with at least eight characters that includes digits, uppercase letter, lowercase letters and special characters (such as those above the digit keys on your keyboard).
  • General mail settings:
  • Email account name:
  • IMAP or POP server:
  • SMTP Server:          

If you want to connect to the mail server in a more secure manner, using TLS or SSL, then use for IMAP, POP, and SMTP servers so that the security certificate will be properly identified by the mail server. This is highly recommended for users accessing the Internet via a wireless connection and recommended for all email users. 

For more information, a short guide on setting your advanced security options.

For more information on updating your mail application, visit our guide.

Thank you for your cooperation during this upgrade and please understand that your complete satisfaction is our first priority!  If you have any difficulties or questions about the transition, please call PEAK at 800.731.4871 for support.

Remember! PEAK Internet is a full service provider, giving you a wide range of Internet-related service choices for your home or business.  In addition to our reliable emails services, we offer high-speed DSL, and a variety of hosting services.  Please feel free to contact us for more information on any of the services we offer.