Advanced Security Settings for PEAK Email

*The username must have “” as part of the username. If you want to connect to the mail server in a more secure manner, using TLS or SSL, then use for IMAP, POP, and SMTP servers so that the security certificate will be properly identified by the mail server.

It is recommended (if you are using a wireless connection, we *strongly* recommend) that you change your settings to:

POP/IMAP (‘incoming’) server: – port 995 (POP3S)/993 (IMAPS  *SSL required

SMTP (‘outgoing’) server: –  port 587, *TLS required

(some older Outlook versions may require port 465, SSL required instead, but 587 is preferred if possible)

The servername is required to be in order for your mail program to properly verify that it is connected to the right mail server and not an imposter