Advantages of a Managed Service Provider

Peak Pro IT

No matter what the nature of your business, when your computer system goes down your business goes with it. No business can afford to be offline, and so much of our day-to-day operations depend on the Internet and network connectivity.

That is why IT support is such a critical business function. If you are running your own business, you already know how much difference quality IT support can make. In some cases, that IT support comes from in-house; but getting great service does not have to mean finding (and paying) your own IT staff.

More and more companies are discovering the advantages of outsourcing their IT operations. Managed service providers allow CEOs and business owners to get the support they need to keep their operations running, without the hassle or expense of a dedicated IT department.

Outsourcing your IT services to a managed service provider has a number of important benefits. One of the biggest benefits of outsourced IT is lower cost. For many small businesses, hiring a dedicated IT person is simply not in the budget. A managed service provider allows small businesses to compete with the big boys while providing timely support for any network problems. In fact, a managed service provider can provide greater reliability than an in-house IT department. Even the best and most dedicated IT person cannot be available 24/7, but an MSP can. Managed service providers monitor your system day and night, and they can detect small problems before they turn into big outages.

When you hire an MSP for your business, you also have better predictability of costs. When you rely on your own IT department, the failure of a single server or the loss of a backup drive could send your budget into a tailspin. With an MSP, you know exactly what your costs are. That makes it easier to control your expenses and forecast your earnings.

The safety of your data is yet another advantage of working with an MSP. When you partner with a quality MSP, you know that the data your business relies on is backed up on a continuous basis, and that it is kept in a secure location with full encryption. That safety factor is a major advantage, and one that would be very hard to duplicate without a third-party provider.

Another big advantage of using a managed service provider is the ability to detect problems early and keep your systems well maintained. Proper maintenance and patching is more essential than ever before, and the MSP can coordinate the required updates and make sure they happen when they should. The continuous monitoring the managed service provider builds in can also detect small errors and fix them before they have a chance to disrupt your operations or take down your network.

For some large businesses, an in-house IT department makes sense. For most small businesses, however, a managed service provider is a much better alternative. Hiring a good MSP comes with a host of benefits for small business CEOs, from better security and safety of the data to timely detection of potential problems.