What Can You Do With Gigabit Internet Speeds

With up to 1,000 megabits per second upload and download speeds, there’s enough bandwidth for everyone in your home and all your devices.

So what can you do with that much bandwidth?

Technology is advancing every day. Even today, there are many use cases in which having gigabit capability enables you to do so much more. For example:

  • Streaming videos, movies, and TV shows. For some users with broadband connections, this is available to you today. However, with a gigabit connection, you can stream high-definition (HD) video content with little to no delays or buffering. In fact, PEAK Fiber is excited to be one of the providers that Netflix allows to access their Super HD video content. More content continues to be available in HD quality, and you can see this trend with videos on YouTube. Not only can you stream video content, you can do so at amazing speeds. This means less time waiting and more time enjoying your favorite shows and movies.
  • Improved online experience for multiple users and devices connected to your network. Have you ever signed into a public wireless network and experienced slow browsing speeds due to the number of users signed on? This same issue happens in consumers’ homes every day as more devices (smartphones, TVs, gaming systems, computers, tablets, and so on) connect to the web. As more devices sign onto your network using your bandwidth, each user’s speed decreases. With PEAK Fiber, this is less of a concern because our speeds are much faster.
  • Video conferencing. Video conferencing is becoming more popular every day. People can use Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype, and so many other services. Each of these services uses bandwidth on your Internet connection. Without sufficient speeds, video quality is poor, and users can experience frequent disconnects or frozen pictures. With Fiber Internet, these types of problems are no longer an issue.
  • Download and upload files, photos, and videos at incredible speeds. Most smartphones have high-powered cameras that can take amazing shots. These high-quality images increase the size of every photo or video file. When uploading these files to social networks or to the cloud, each file can take minutes to hours, depending on the file size. With PEAK Fiber, we cut these download and upload times down to seconds.
  • Play games. Online gaming is growing in popularity, and new games with high-quality video content require fast and stable connections. With Fiber Internet, you can play online games seamlessly.

Fun facts

With gigabit internet speeds, you can:

  • Stream—without buffering—at least 5 high-definition videos (1080p HD) simultaneously and still have enough bandwidth to email and surf the web.
  • Transfer data over the Internet faster than you can write data to a thumb drive.
  • Download data as fast as many computers can save the data to a hard drive.
  • Download an entire digital movie (14 GB) in a little under 120 seconds.

Some Internet service providers currently cap data downloads at 250 GB per month. You can download that much data on a 1 gig connection in about 33 minutes. Good thing there is no limit on your data downloads with PEAK Fiber!

Facts from: Google.com