Welcome Rodney Wood

Meet Rodney Wood

Rodney Wood comes to PEAK with 12 years of Sales and Marketing experience.  Rodney’s character, leadership, and accomplishments make him uniquely qualified to fill the role of Director of Sales and Business Development at PEAK.  He is the consummate business professional with both professional and personal ties to the community.  Rodney’s primary role will be to work with current and future customers in developing solutions to their IT needs.  However Rodney will also be assisting in the development of future products at PEAK.

“I am both proud and excited to represent PEAK.” said PEAK’s Director of Sales and Business Development, Rodney Wood. “PEAK is synonymous with excellence and pure commitment to the communities they serve.”

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Meet Nico Bressler – Field Service Technician

With two years of experience and an enthusiastic attitude mixed with his technology background, Nico Bressler is a key member for his role with our PEAK Professional Services team. Nico was originally hired as a Technical Support Representative, but quickly took interest in interacting with customers and providing them exceptional service. Nico now serves as a Field Service Technician in our PEAK Professional Services division where his primary focus is on-site installations and hardware and software maintenance.

Nico grew up on a farm just outside of Corvallis. On the farm he was use to cleaning stalls and boarding horses, and a small school where only a couple hundred kids attended.

“It is the perfect place to have a childhood because you are close enough to town to have a short drive, but far away enough to not be bothered by the traffic.”

In Nico’s spare time he enjoys riding horses, watching football with his friends, playing video games, and building and maintaining computers. When Nico was in elementary school, he joined the schools computer club and built computers for his school. His teacher taught him the proper preparation and deployment of computer systems. When Nico was only a teenager he interned at a local computer company in Corvallis where he used the knowledge that he learned in school and gained further understanding of computers and the customer service end of the business.

“I may be a very shy person, but once you get to know me I am very talkative and enjoy the company of others.”

Nico Bressler is quickly becoming a name to remember here at PEAK, his attitude and demeanor while on the job is infectious. Nico attacks every project head first ready to learn and complete the job to the best of his abilities. I have no doubt in my mind that Nico has made an impact on his department and PEAK as a company. Just to prove that Nico has done great things, he even received our coveted “Rookie of the Year” award which is given out to a special employee who has stood out from the rest during their first year at PEAK.

Meet Bobby Samai – Marketing Associate

Over three years of experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a diverse technology background make Bobby Samai uniquely qualified for a Marketing role at PEAK Internet. Bobby was originally hired as a Technical Support Representative, but soon took his interest in interacting with customers to the Marketing department, where he currently serves as a primary customer interface for promotions and communications.

“The atmosphere at PEAK makes you feel like you’re part of something, almost like you’re a member of a large family,” said PEAK Marketing Associate Bobby Samai. “Everyone at PEAK has their specialties and we’re encouraged to pursue areas where we are interested.”

Which is exactly what Bobby chose to do. After spending two years as a Technical Support Representative, Bobby moved into the Marketing Department making better use of his talents and ambitions to be more involved in the organization.

“I like being given the responsibility to own projects that make a difference,” said Samai regarding his move to Marketing. “PEAK does a great job of empowering employees to undertake projects outside the scope of their roles to create a better service platform for customers.”

Samai has always found his interests at the intersection of business, technology and marketing. From an early age he was interested in technology gadgets, mostly relating to networking and internet connectivity.

“Computers, the Internet, modems and routers have been a fascination of mine since I was 12 years old,” said Samai. “I took apart my mother’s 56k modem just to see how it worked!”

His newly found aptitude in technology devices blended with his interest in business several years later when he founded his first business, fixing computers and other electronic devices.

That background serves him well in a technology company with a high standard for serving customers with quality support. At PEAK Internet, Bobby excels at explaining complex technologies in terms that customers can understand.

Outside of technology, Bobby is an avid ATV rider and when it rains, he enjoys playing video games. Originally from Los Angeles, Samai enjoys the Northwest and plans to make it his permanent residence.

“No one I’ve met could tell that I am from a big city,” said Samai. “I guess I have blended in well with the country lifestyle.”

Welcome Matt Fuller, Technical Support Representative

“Peak is fun place to work,” said Matt Fuller, PEAK’s newest Technical Support Representative. “There’s a real sense of camaraderie among employees, and everyone has been very helpful and supportive during my training process.”

Welcome Matt Fuller

Welcome Matt Fuller, Technical Support Representative

The fusion of raw technical knowledge and musical talent.  Matt Fuller, a technology enthusiast of many years and a seasoned professional Violinist joined PEAK Internet in November as a Technical Support Representative.  While his skillset as a professional Violinist may seem unconventional for a Technical Support role, Fuller believes they translate well into his new position.

“A violinist might seem like an odd choice for a technical support representative,” said Fuller. “However classical musicians are highly disciplined problem-solvers, and we don’t give up until we’ve mastered something.”

Fuller has been a musician his whole life, having played the violin for over 33 years and earning Master’s Degree in Violin Performance from the University of Oregon.  Currently he plays professionally for the Eugene and Corvallis/OSU Symphonies as the Principal Second Violinist, he also teaches private lessons and plays in various music ensembles throughout the year (Eugene Opera Orchestra, Oregon Bach Festival and the Oregon Mozart Players).

Music and the violin may be his passion, but computer technology is his hobby.  From video games and computer networking to physical hardware and software, Fuller considers himself a technophile.

“While my main focus has always been on music, technology has been a close second, and many hours of my free time have been spent tinkering with and learning about various aspects of computers and computer networks.”

Fuller comes to PEAK as he was looking for additional work and also for a job to help diversify his skillset.  He has hopes of gaining “hands-on” experience and a better understanding to how networking and the Internet work.  PEAK was an ideal choice fit these interests and an organization where customer-centric employees can excel.

“I like being able to help people conquer technological challenges,” said Fuller, “Whether it’s simply helping someone get back online after a dropped connection or helping someone configure an email client to interact with their email.  It’s great to have the opportunity to help them build up confidence in their ability to troubleshoot technical problems.

Fuller is excited about his the opportunity to join and PEAK and expects to be contributing to the technical support team shortly.  He resides in Eugene with his wife, Crystal Zimmerman, who teaches music at Willamette University.  In his free time, Fuller enjoys player duets with his wife –a violin and piano.  Aside from music the two enjoy cycling and hiking, but generally prefers spending time at home with their cats, Frankie and Mini.

Meet Chas Johnson

“This is a great place to work,” said Chas Johnson PEAK Internet’s newest Technical Support Representative. “PEAK presents a great opportunity to learn more about technology and be active in the local community.”

Chas Johnson

Meet the newest member of the PEAK Internet Technical Support team. Chas Johnson brings a great attitude and a diverse technology aptitude to one of PEAK’s most important technical interfaces. Providing superior and personable support to customers with service issues; ranging from broadband and email to complex network routing and web site hosting, is a point of emphasis for PEAK Internet. A crucial tenant to making this philosophy successful is employing the right people and Chas Johnson is proof of that concept.

“Working with customers and helping them through service issues is a rewarding daily opportunity,” said Johnson. “I look forward to learning more and being part of team of professionals at PEAK Internet.”

Johnson is a native of Oregon and grew up in the Willamette Valley. He is a US Army Veteran who served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chas is currently attending Oregon State University on a part-time basis where he studies New Media Communications. In addition to computers and technology, Chas enjoys many activities in the outdoors including hiking, mountain biking and camping.

His favorite tech skills include basic networking and PC repair. While working at PEAK, Chas looks forward to developing his professional and technology skills, along with partaking in the occasional company catered celebration.

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