Our Trip to CES 2016 – Part 2

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, attracting major companies and industry professionals worldwide. The annual show is held each January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Continuing on from the adventures of our previous Blog posting, and after stopping by some of the better-looking drone booths, we kept moving on–there was much more to see and only four days in which to see it! When I say this place is massive, I really mean it. This one building was over 200,000 square feet, and they had two floors!

Oculus Rift BoothOn our journey walking the floor we spotted what we predict to be the biggest technology purchase for gamers in 2016. It will be the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. This awesome piece of technology was not just on display at CES 2016, but we could actually wait in line and play a demo game before anyone else can even pre-order it! The only problem was the wait time was nearly 2 hours long (dang!). We weren’t going to leave Las Vegas without trying these bad boys out, though, so we made plans to come back and try them tomorrow, hoping that by then the line would be shorter.

8K TVs were everywhere! The whole new 4K TV fad has already been outdone by double the resolution with the new 8K TV. What’s next 16K? I mean the quality is outstanding, don’t get me wrong, but is it really worth spending $2,000+ on a new TV when my 1080p HDTV looks pretty darn good still? The problem isn’t that we don’t have high enough quality TVs, it’s that we don’t have enough 4K or 8K programming yet from the content providers who make our TV shows and movies. It’s slowly getting there, but not fast enough to keep up with manufacturers that make these televisions.

8K TV Aston MartinCES was not just televisions and drones, there were some pretty nice high-end vehicles on display as well. Ferrari, Ford, Chevy, they all want to participate and show off what cool new high-tech gear they have stuffed into their vehicles. And it’s not just what’s in the console or dash of these vehicles anymore, they have some under-the-hood technology that is really cool. We checked out this awesome Honda that was hydrogen powered. It has the theoretical capability to go 300 miles on a single charge, and to charge it only takes 3 minutes. We asked when will we be able to purchase one of these bad boys, but they were very secretive. The lady said this car will most likely start selling in Japan in Spring 2016, and make it’s way to the United States later in the year. The real issue is there aren’t many hydrogen cell charging stations yet, and a home unit isn’t really an option “yet.”

Raft CESWe also saw many neat things from brands we’ve never even heard of. Do you know who LeTV is? We sure didn’t, but they had some pretty good looking TVs and technology on display. But at CES you can find some real let-downs, too. While walking around the outskirts of the showfloor we spotted some really funny stuff, like this little raft filled with water and a fountain showing off a water bottle that has a Bluetooth speaker built into it. It really didn’t fit well with all the other technology that was on display.

We finally made our way to the Razer booth. For those of you that don’t know, Razer makes high-end gaming hardware. From a simple mouse to a powerful Ultrabook that can play the latest video games on ultra settings. Razer was at CES showing off their new Ultrabook called the Blade Stealth. It’s this super thin, very sleek looking notebook that can run your normal day-to-day workload, but when you pair it with the Razer Core, you can turn this ordinary notebook into a super Ultrabook that will keep you gaming all night long.

One of the funny things that happened during this trip was at the Razer booth. Bobby really wanted to find out how well these Razer Cores worked, so he decided to play the game Fallout 4 on Ultra settings with the FPS counter in the top right corner to see what it would show. Low and behold he broke it, and not just one of their systems, he tried it on three of them lol and all of them broke. Their staff was dumbfounded; it’s like he provided them with free QC checks live at CES 2016. Hopefully they figured out how to fix that problem after we left their booth for the day.

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