Our Trip To CES 2016 – Part 3

Chocolate FountainCES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, attracting major companies and industry professionals worldwide. The annual show is held each January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

It was time for a fun night out on the town, I mean we were in Las Vegas right? We walked around the strip, checking out the lights and the sights. We stopped by the Bellagio to check out the fountain show. Inside there was construction in the Bellagio Conservatory creating a new beautiful work of art for the Chinese New Year, so we weren’t able to see it yet. What we did see was the world’s largest chocolate fountain. It was very impressive to see all that chocolate flowing from the ceiling to the ground. We kept walking and got to Caesars Palace, and walked the Forum shops. By this time our feet were so tired, we had to get a cab back to the MGM.

David CopperfieldWe had tickets to go see David Copperfield and we were very excited. Bobby had never seen a live magic show. This was the one to see, though! Did you know David Copperfield has received 21 Emmy Awards, and has been nominated 38 times! He deserves them, the show was mind-blowing amazing! We would highly recommend it if you’re ever in Las Vegas.

Back to the CES show we go, it was our third day and we were just now making it to the second building. This one was filled with some big names like LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. Here was the stuff we really wanted to see: high-end televisions and the latest in driverless vehicle technology (there were no rafts in this building). Our first stop was at LG’s massive booth. The first thing we saw when we entered was a wall of televisions showing off a beautiful display of the ocean and the stars. (video link) LG has really improved their quality over the years, and it would be hard not to say that they had the best display at the show. They were even showing off some ridiculous curved displays that would never make it to the mainstream market, but maybe a Mall or an Amusement Park somewhere.

LG Booth Curved TV
We stopped by the Panasonic booth to check out their transparent screen they had on display. This screen presents itself as just a regular transparent piece of glass that you would see on any window or cabinet glass. But when it is turned on, it’s a full blown HD television. It was pretty amazing. (video link) I can see this product being perfected and used a lot in homes where people like the minimalistic look and feel, but still want to have a TV.

Samsung Curved MonitorMoving along, we now came to the Samsung booth where they were displaying their smartwatch products like the Gear 2. They also had their Samsung VR headset which allows you to take any of their newer Samsung Galaxy phones and place it inside this headset to get a virtual reality like display. One of their cooler items was a curved, high-quality, ultra HD computer monitor. A lot of these items were so new that they didn’t even have a marketing name to them yet! Samsung was also showing off a mirror display, something you could use in your home bathroom, but more than likely something you’ll see in a Buffalo Wild Wings bathroom in the future.

My phone battery had been put to the test on this trip with all of the photos I was taking each day. It caused me to rethink my battery backup situation wishing that I had purchased one of those Power Bank cases that would give me a full extra spare battery on the go. I ended up purchasing one on eBay when we got back home.

The last stop of the day was the Sony booth. Again one of the largest booths at the show, they were showing off their newest ultra HD televisions, smart watches, cameras, and Bluetooth speakers. Their show-stealing item, however, was their Sony PlayStation VR headset that is scheduled to arrive at a store near you in late 2016. The lines were too long for us to wait in, but we got to see others react to trying out product, and from what we saw it looks like the Playstation VR will be a true competitor to the Oculus Rift. The only problem I see is that some people won’t like the idea of having to purchase a Playstation 4, as well as a $400-$700 headset on top of that when the Oculus Rift will work with most of the newer computers that people already have in their homes.
Thanks for reading.