PEAK builds Linn County Fair & Expo Center Wi-Fi

Users of the Linn County Fair and Expo center will now be able to connect reliably to a new wireless network, recently completed by PEAK Internet. The upgraded network replaces an aging system and is designed to support the growing demand of internet access from various devices at events and expos within the facility.

The Linn County Fair and Expo center is a hub for mid-Willamette Valley activity. Events like the Linn County Fair, the Willamette Valley Ag Expo and Linn County Home Show are held at the Fair and Expo center and draw thousands of attendees throughout the year. At these events, Internet access is an increasingly imperative amenity not only for attendees, but also exhibitors that are now expecting access to online resources for transactions and information.

PEAK Internet was awarded the contract to build an improved wireless network capable of meeting these requirements – quickly and affordably. In mid-November the first phase new network was debuted for the 2010 Willamette Valley Ag Expo, providing wireless internet access for all attendees. At the event, hundreds of users and around 60 vendors accessed the network with improved speeds and without incident.

The first phase of the project covers nearly 100% of the usable indoor facilities and is specified to cover a set of designated “hot spot” areas outdoors and in the parking lot. Completion for this second phase is expected in January 2011.

PEAK is a proud supporter of Linn County Fair and Expo center and this network was made possible, in part, by PEAK’s sponsorship of the network build. More than 25 access points and several network switches were part of the equipment deployment. As part of the agreement, PEAK will be monitoring the network 24/7 and maintaining the equipment as needs arise.

View coverage of the new Wi-Fi network debut at the Willamette Valley Ag Expo (Democrat Herald): Article – 11/25/2010