PEAK Participating in World IPv6 Day

With the IPv4 address space about to become exhausted, it has become a priority for web properties to move to IPv6 addresses.  For Internet and hosting providers, such as PEAK Internet, it then becomes increasingly important to equip its networks to provide and support those IPv6 addresses.World IPv6 Day

On June 8th, PEAK Internet will join GoogleFacebookYahoo! and other organizations in World IPv6 Day, which is led by the Internet Society (ISOC) and participate in a 24-hour “test flight”. During IPv6 day, participants will enable IPv6 on their main web sites, providing web content and testing connections to discover any possible issues that may affect users in an IPv6 environment.

To demonstrate its readiness, PEAK Internet will comply with this direction and make a version of its web site accessible through IPv6 networks.  To do so, PEAK will advertise both an IPv4 and IPv6 address along with other World IPv6 Day participants. This will allow users and devices that have IPv6 connectivity to access the site without requiring the user to type a special address, while those that do not have IPv6 will continue to reach the PEAK Internet web site as they always have over IPv4.

PEAK Internet has been working hard to make IPv6 capabilities available to subscribers.  Currently all of PEAK’s web hosting and co-location customers have access to IPv6 and can make their web content available to users using this protocol and address space.  IPv6 availability for broadband customers is the next project in line as the Internet becomes more fully integrated with this future addressing protocol.

Moving to IPv6 will enable continued long-term growth for PEAK’s network and provide an opportunity for innovative networking and data services. PEAK is working to deploy a technology called “dual-stack” — which allows simultaneous support of IPv4 and IPv6 — giving customers the option to access key IP networks and services using either the IPv4 or IPv6 protocol. This also will give business customers flexibility to begin a smooth transition to the new protocol while still conducting regular daily activities.