YouTube Live TV Is Totally Awesome And Here’s Why

Users in select cities can signup for YouTube Live TV starting today April 5th. What makes YouTube’s TV subscription service better than the others out there like Sling, Directv Now, and Playstation Vue is that you can actually watch live LOCAL channels from networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. This is a total game changer, for years now large providers like Comcast Xfinity, Directv, Dish, Charter and others have had a lock on providing local networks like those mentioned previously and what made it even worse was you typically only had one option from the previously mentioned providers at your home. This gave them the power to raise your rates knowing you had nowhere else to turn to. That’s all over and done now with YouTube Live TV.

I was able to demo YouTube Live TV in Los Angeles since that is one of the markets where it’s currently available. More cities will be announced very soon on their website, so keep an eye out for it in your area. While I was demoing the service I was just blown away with how easy it was to navigate their menu, record tv shows I liked and watch real live tv. I even had my hotel’s tv running in the background on the same ABC station playing the same local news that YouTube Live TV had for ABC. The only difference I noticed was a 10 to 15-second delay in the feed. The Directv hotel service was quicker than YouTube Live, but who cares when you’re able to have an unlimited DVR storage and all those great channels for only $35 a month! They even offered me a 30-day free trial when I signed up, plus free 30 days of showtime.

When YouTube TV adds more cities, this service is just going to spread like wildfire. The big “giant” tv providers mentioned previously are going to have to pivot and adapt to this new style of viewing habits. The new generation is all about now, on my time, what I want. The days of going home and turning on the tv and having to watch whatever is currently live and on-air now are out the window. Now it’s watching what you want when you want it wherever you want it. YouTube TV added that final piece to the puzzle that Sling, Directv Now and PlayStation Vue hasn’t figured out.  Local networks with real local sports and news. Plus all the great shows that primetime TV offers these days.

So you may be asking yourself, should you sign up?

If you’re one of those people who cut that cable TV cord a long ago and switched over to Hulu/Netflix/Amazon and hasn’t looked back, you might not be interested in this sort of service.

If, however, you’re staying tied to your monthly cable bill for the sake of catching things live every once in a while (news/sports/etc.) and YouTube TV is available in your area and it’s got the channels you watch, it’s worth a look. The first month is free, and if you pay for a month beyond that, they’ll throw in a free Chromecast device…. which, with an MSRP of $35, makes that second-month kinda-sorta free too.

When YouTube Live TV is available in your area, I highly recommend trying it out for 30 days. All you need is a decent internet connection and a computer or any set-top box like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or a gaming system like Xbox One. The YouTube TV app will be available and you can start watching tv with local channels right away.