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Welcome to PEAK Internet! You are in an area where we offer Fixed Wireless. Give us a little more information and we will contact you to check the signal to your home, or add you to your Fiberhood!

PEAK Fixed Wireless Sign Up

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PEAK will now need to pre-qualify you as a fixed wireless broadband customer. Many factors could affect our ability to serve you with quality broadband service including signal strength at your location and interference from obstructions or elevation changes. In some cases we may need to install a pole to strengthen the signal you receive, and the height of the pole needed will determine whether guy wires are also needed. If you are not in our current coverage area your interest will help us know where to build out our network next. Someone from PEAK’s friendly staff will be in touch with you soon regarding your service options.

Available Internet Packages

PackageDescriptionMonthly Price
Best speed for all your Internet needs.$129.95/mo*
Best for online gaming, HD video streaming, social media and email. $99.95/mo*
Best for HD video streaming, social media and email. $69.95/mo*
Best for standard definition video streaming, social media and email. $59.95/mo*
Best for YouTube viewing, social media and email. $49.95/mo*
Best for social media and email. $39.95/mo*
*Internet speed availability may vary by region and signal strength. Final speed will be determined at the time of the install. For more information about Fixed Wireless options, please click here.

Total Home Wi-Fi

PackageDescriptionMonthly Price
Included in all Internet Packages! *Standard Wi-Fi is “best effort” Wi-Fi coverage with required and provided Wi-Fi equipment. Some restrictions may apply. For larger homes, additional devices may be required for 100% Wi-Fi coverage.NO CHARGE
Premium Meshed, Managed Wi-Fi *Some restrictions may apply. Total Home Premium coverage includes up to (2) Wi-Fi mesh units. Additional coverage considerations and fees may apply.$10/mo
For more information on Total Home Wi-Fi, please click here.

Tech Home

PackageDescriptionMonthly Price
Simple protection for your everyday needs.$5.99/mo*
Complete protection for your whole home.$9.99/mo*
Help when you want it, protection when you need it. Includes unlimited TotalTech Services. $14.99/mo*
*Add one desktop computer: $4.99 per month. Add one mobile device: $1.99 per month. For more information about Tech Home services, please click here.

Bill Payment & Additional Options

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