Network Engineer (ISP/OSP) Position

Network Engineer (ISP/OSP)

Department: Engineering
Reports To: Chief Technical Officer
Location: Corvallis, Oregon with some travel to various remote sites
Pay Rate: DOE

Working independently and collaboratively with others, this position plays an integral role in executing PEAK’S mission, philosophy, and commitment to providing state-of-the-art broadband connectivity to our customers and cooperative members along with exceptional service to our internal and external customers. All employees are also expected to maintain a high level of trust, integrity and ethical standards.

The Network Engineer is responsible for the design and engineering of telecommunication networks for the Company in two primary areas: Inside Plant and Outside Plant engineering under the Chief Technology Officer.

The essential functions of this position require prioritizing and completing all assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner, adjusting for changing priorities and availability of resources, and demonstrating initiative in identifying additional job-related tasks to be completed when time permits.

  1. Research, analyze, configure, install and monitor power equipment, Central Office equipment, network distribution systems, FTTX, Optical-CXR, Ethernet facilities and other network systems including but not limited to RF and microwave systems.
  2. Perform engineering functions associated with systems may include, but are not limited to, fiber optic systems to include Passive Optical Network (PON) and Active Ethernet, DWDM, T1/T3, Ethernet, etc.; wireless systems to include licensed and non-licensed microwave systems, WiFi, IP network equipment and systems to include routers, switches, firewalls, terminals, etc.
  3. Devise, draft and produce detailed drawings to be used for both record-keeping, installation of all engineered equipment and special circuits.
  4. Maintain records of all equipment and channel assignments, both Company-owned and jointly controlled with other providers
  5. Recommend equipment for purchase including completing purchase orders, Job Orders, CPR forms and equipment lists, comparative shopping research results and supplier contact forms.
  6. Prepare detailed project proposals and budget estimates.
  7. Review the survey and design (OSP, ISP, Passive Component, etc.) result from different sub-contractors.
  8. Support the design cycle of the Outside Plant Fiber Network from preliminary design through to a fully constructible job package.
  9. Support new developments, network relocations and network upgrades.
  10. Propose and prepare the cost-effective and future-oriented ODN/passive network design according to the site survey for different types of areas.
  11. Work with suppliers and vendors of equipment to obtain cost estimates, recommendations, and purchase of equipment.
  12. Issue detailed drawings and Method of Procedure instructions for installation, and testing of equipment involved.
  13. Maintain up-to-date records of cable systems, equipment inventory, spares, and floor plans.
  14. Identify areas of operation, which need upgraded equipment, applications, and operating systems
  15. Process Automation Initiatives – orchestration
  16. Responsible for the timeline and quality of the project design delivery.
  17. Manage and support ticketing system, review requests for information from our vendors.
  18. Recognizing that job safety is a primary objective in all duties, attend and participate in company safety and training meetings.

Outside Plant:

  1. Work closely with all managers and other companies to ensure completion of planned area-wide fiber network deployment
  2. Work with many different resources; operations, field team, network team, and contractors to ensure quality and timely delivery of our services.
  3. Design fiber route and create all necessary splicing prints and work orders for vendors performing splicing work within the active backbone.
  4. Create and maintain appropriate as-built documentation updates into Fiber Management software and Company-specific database.
  5. Provide detailed design for fiber distribution facilities to meet FTTX service demands.
  6. Participate with other groups to develop action plans to reduce operating expense through facility replacement, modernization, bulk recovery, and records correction
  7. OSP field engineering – mapping of fiber infrastructure/network. This includes boxes, poles, splice closures, FDH’s, and all other assets
  8. Fiber engineering – Research and evaluate various route options associated with the project. Research shall include aerial, buried, and underground options. Keep track and update all fiber allocation and splice documents.
  9. Hands-on familiarity with fiber test equipment. Collects and interprets engineering documentation, to include schematics, fiber management systems, and performance
  10. Previous experience in Fiber-optic technology including cable types, connector types, optic types, and optical transport technologies
  11. Create assignment sheets and allocation documents documenting all cable routing and splice locations
  12. Design outside fiber plant for major network deployments
  13. Provide engineering preliminary designs
  14. Provide cost estimates as part of the preliminary designs
  15. Design Right of Way (ROW) to building entry designs, as well as engineer splicing
  16. Review existing aerial plant and incorporate new fiber requirements into new plant design
  17. Review permit and construction drawings
  18. Perform final review of engineering design
  19. Maintain orderly records, project documents, and drawings
  20. Prepare fiber engineering documentation packages for customer review
  21. Possesses and displays a working knowledge of work rules and safety practices.

Qualified candidates for this position will have relevant education and experience necessary to perform the essential functions and meet the minimum performance expectations for this position.

Required Education and Experience —

  • Completion of the requirements for an associates or bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, network engineering or technical discipline field is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities –

  • Knowledge of broadband industry; project management; construction techniques and terminology; overhead and underground construction standards as well as Oregon OSHA and NESC requirements.
  • Extensive Experience in network design, network architecture, protocols and network topology. TCP/IP and the OSI model.
  • DWDM and OTN networking and topologies
  • Extensive experience of network designing software, such as Visio
  • Experience of FTTP access technologies to include PON and Active Ethernet
  • Experience with Ciena/Cyan, Calix, Juniper, Palo Alto, Microtik, etc.
  • Experience with wireless equipment (Ubiquiti, Mimosa, etc.)
  • Extensive experience with IP routing protocols (OSPF, BGP) and IPv4/IPv6, MPLS, L2/L3 VPN, and Metro Ethernet.
  • Knowledge of LAN and WAN design technology, configuration, architectures, cablings, software, and hardware; including hubs, routers, servers, switches and associated equipment.
  • Advanced knowledge of Distributed Access Architecture, Metro Ethernet and PON
  • Experience with installation of AC and DC power
  • Knowledge of outside plant aerial and underground construction
  • Industry Certification or Training (Juniper, MEF-CECP etc.)
  • Knowledge of SD-WAN, HPBX, SDN/NFV
  • Experience with scripting and deployment of scripts within the network.
  • Strong working knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills are necessary to communicate clearly and effectively with internal and external customers, vendors, contractors, and other diverse audiences while providing outstanding customer service.
  • Strong technical, troubleshooting, problem-solving, research, organizational and analytical skills, combined with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet established deadlines. The ability to multitask is also essential while remaining flexible with changing priorities and deadlines.
  • Well-reasoned decision making with high attention to detail regarding organization, planning, workflow and project prioritization to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and accurately.
  • Highly ethical, self-motivated individual with the ability to work independently and/or with limited direction, as well as cooperatively in a team environment, while consistently demonstrating collaborative, respectful, and productive work habits.
  • Communicate in a professional, respectful, and courteous manner with all employees, the Board of Directors, customers and others with whom we may work. Contribute to a successful workgroup through positive interactions, active listening, meaningful collaborations, and the constructive exchange of ideas designed to meet or exceed the organization’s strategic goals.

Availability and Accessibility
Approximately 40 hours/week will be required to efficiently perform the job duties of this position, including presence at designated internal and external meetings. This position will also require availability and accessibility to respond to and address emergencies and critical situations outside of normal business operating hours in the evenings and/or during weekends.

Physical Demands
The physical demands described below are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this position. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Other Requirements:

  • Maintain professional and respectful communication style to ensure reactions and responses to both emergency and non-emergency situations serve as an example to others of appropriate workplace communications.
  • Provide intellectually sound and well-reasoned answers, recommendations, and solutions to identified business problems, issues, and/or questions. Efficiently and quickly analyze, process, manipulate, and accurately record extensive amounts of data and other information that serves as the basis for this position.
  • Able to lift, transport and/or move up to approximately 25 lbs.
  • Drive on behalf of PEAK and/or report for work in all types of weather.

This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. It is intended as a general guide of the job duties and tasks the person in this position may be asked to perform as part of our PEAK team. It is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the job duties or responsibilities that may be assigned to this position. Position descriptions may occasionally be updated, as necessary, to reflect evolving business needs, and such changes may not be reflected immediately in written form.

Refusal or unwillingness to perform duties and tasks assigned in a positive, professional and productive manner, even if seeming to fall outside of this description, may be considered insubordination and a violation of PEAK policies and expectations.

Resume Submission:
Please send your resume or submission via email to with “Network Engineer” in the subject line.

PEAK is an equal opportunity employer.

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