Unmatched Speed and Customer Service with PEAK Internet


“PEAK Internet fiber has made all things that require Internet usage less frustrating at our house! The speed is unmatched”

— Julie Macauley-Ragan – Hamilton Creek School



I’m a teacher and early in the pandemic, I had to report to my school building because the Internet
service at our home was so poor. I knew PEAK fiber was coming and made a call to get the estimated
arrival date. A PEAK representative immediately set us up with a dish that was better than what we
had and then when the fiber was available we were one of the first to get connected. PEAK provided
amazing customer service during a very stressful time!


During the pandemic my daughter has been in high school, our son came home from college and
was doing online classes and I have been enrolled as an online graduate student. Fiber has allowed
all of us to do school from our home. Before PEAK, and in the first weeks of the pandemic, our son
was sitting in the Hamilton Creek parking lot to do his college homework and our daughter sat in my
parent’s camp trailer to load her Canvas assignments. It was so nice to get Internet service that could
support more than opening an email.


I absolutely recommend PEAK Internet! Their speed has allowed us to stream television shows, we can
work and do school from home, and multiple devices can be supported.


PEAK fiber is the best Internet service, with the best customer service, that we’ve ever had!