Be Aware! The Seven Scams to Recognize & Avoid This Holiday Season


The holiday season is in full swing, and as we gear up for the festivities, it’s important to stay vigilant against the barrage of online holiday scams. Professional scammers try to take advantage of this time of year when people are running around busy and distracted. Understanding the types of scams that are out there while being aware and safeguarding your information is vital to avoid falling victim to online schemes designed to take your money or steal your identity. Here are seven common scams to recognize and avoid this holiday season.


Phishing Scams – Phishing scams involve using fraudulent emails or websites specifically designed to obtain sensitive personal information from unsuspecting victims. These scams often target people’s holiday shopping space, offering great deals or discounts in exchange for personal information like account numbers or passwords. To avoid these scams, double-check the URL of any website you visit, and never click on links from unknown senders. Look for strangely formatted subject lines and obvious grammar and misspelling errors. Many times the company’s logo looks slightly off or is a different size and color. Pay close attention because these types of things are usually an automatic sign that you’re being targeted.


Gift Card Scams – During the holiday season, gift cards are a popular gift option. Cybercriminals like to take advantage of this and offer fake gift cards or gift card generators that are ineffective and a front to gaining access to your financial information. To protect yourself, only purchase gift cards from highly reputable retailers. If you receive a gift card through the mail, always check for any signs of tampering on the gift card.


Social Media Scams – Especially during the holidays social media is an easy way for scammers to trick people into sharing personal information. These dishonest tactics can come in the form of fake content and links, fake friend requests, or even phishing scams. Be careful about sharing your personal information on social media platforms and avoid clicking on unknown links or strange friend requests.
Charity Scams – Many people are in a giving mood during the holiday season, and scammers often take advantage of this by creating fake charities to raise money. To avoid falling victim to a charity swindle, always research the organization before donating any money. Look for any red flags, such as an unsecured website or a lack of transparency about how the funds will be used.


Shipping Scams – Shipping scams are common during the holiday season when people are expecting delivery of gifts and packages. Cyber thieves may send fake shipping notifications that contain malware or download links that can infect your device if clicked. They can also create invoices that make it seem like there is an outstanding shipping fee that is due before a delivery can be made Always verify any shipping notifications before clicking on links or downloading attachments. If you have ordered something, check your invoice, verify the shipping source and track directly through either USPS, UPS or FedEx.


Travel Scams – Many people travel during the holiday season, and opportunistic cyber crooks create fake websites or travel booking portals that offer seemingly great deals and discounts. These deals often come with hidden fees, or worse, no reservations or travel package at all. If the vacation deal seems too good to be true and offers a ton of extras that are not usually included in a travel package, then there is a high likelihood that you are being taken advantage of. To avoid falling victim to these tricks, only use reputable third-party travel websites or book directly with the hotel or airline.


Job Scams – These often involve the promise of easy and quick money during the holiday season. The hackers may ask for a small upfront fee to secure a job that doesn’t exist or ask for personal information like your social security number. To avoid this deceitful activity, always research potential employers before providing any personal information or money.


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Stay safe and happy holidays from all of us at PEAK Internet!