How to Unsubscribe from Spam Emails

Remember the key to clearing up your inbox is patience. We’ve all been there. It is frustrating to search through 150 messages in your inbox, just to find the one e-mail that you’ve been looking for. Junk-mail filters are better than ever, but conversely, so is Junk Mail. The following steps will help you clear up your crowded inbox once and for all. Don’t be fooled, it won’t happen overnight, but with a little bit of time up-front, keeping your mailbox junk free will become fast and easy.

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How to Protect Yourself from Data Breaches

protect-from-data-breachData breaches seem to be happening more and more often, with data thieves targeting both small companies and global giants.1 Data thieves are always on the lookout—and you should be too. Here’s what you need to know about protecting yourself from data breaches.

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Staying Safe on Social Media Sites

social-media-securityWhat are social networking sites?

Social networking sites, sometimes referred to as “friend-of-a-friend” sites, build upon the concept of traditional social networks where you are connected to new people through people you already know. The purpose of some networking sites may be purely social, allowing users to establish friendships or romantic relationships, while others may focus on establishing business connections.
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Choosing the Right Email Client

Email-Gmail-e1447786008665Chances are if you are reading this article, you are one of 2.6 billion people worldwide with an email account. Email has become one of the most common methods to communicate in the 21st century, averaging 205 billion emails per day. Although email is so popular, there are still many questions about email, and the best way to receive it. In this article, we hope to answer your questions about email, and how to receive it.
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Are You Making These Critical Password Mistakes?

Your password is your first line of defense against identity thieves, hackers, and others who would love to drain your bank account, open credit cards in your name, and otherwise wreak havoc with your financial and personal life. If you fail to create a strong password and keep it secret, you are opening yourself up to all manner of online trouble.
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