Email Maintenance

PEAK Internet will be performing maintenance on our email servers. This will bring you a larger inbox and a more streamlined layout for a better user experience. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support as we update our servers. At anytime, if you have any additional questions, give our support a call at 800-731-4871.


How is my email going to be filtered for spam?

Peak will be using Graymail, also offered by GoSecure.

Will my email address change?

No, your current email address will stay the same.

Do I need to change my password?

Passwords will be untouched during this maintenance, so you shouldn’t need to change them.

Will I lose any of my emails?

No. You won’t lose any of your sent or received emails. During the maintenance period, you may notice some delayed emails or duplicate emails during the first 24 hours after the maintenance.

Will I lose any of my contacts?

No. Your contact information will be untouched during maintenance.

How much storage will my new inbox have?

15GB of storage.

IMAP & POP Settings


Incoming Settings (IMAP)

Port: 993
SSL: Yes
Username: Your full address

Incoming Settings (POP)

Port: 995
SSL: Yes
Username: Your full address

Outgoing Settings (SMTP)

Port: 587
SSL: SSL or StartTLS Required
Authentication: Enable Outgoing Authentication

App Portal

Changing email account passwords and spam filter settings couldn’t be easier and you can access those through our new App Portal.

Jump into you Zimbra Inbox, the Edgewave/Greymail Spam Filter or view your calendar by clicking the buttons on the main screen. Change your password or set up account recovery by an alternative email address, SMS or security questions by clicking the Welcome Account Name link in the upper right corner of the screen.

What our customers are saying...

I appreciate the professional work done. I did not know how much my computer needed the tuneup. I will certainly look to Peak for further assistance. Thank you again!

Carol H. Premium Support Customer

Your Internet service has been outstanding, we've never had a problem. Our website has been online 100% and running flawlessly.  If there are any notices PEAK let's us know way ahead of time. These guys are great, we love them!

Edmund Coomes Albany Area Customer
I wasn't going to do this tune-up as I've had my computer accessed in the past by Microsoft, and it took a long time, and the techs were difficult to communicate with. Todays experience with PEAK was great... he accessed my computer and tuned it up quickly and easily. Thank you! Robin L. Premium Support Customer
Peak was God sent! Their tech spent 3-4 hours of work on my problem, and he did not stop until it was done. I would like to say he is the best I have ever had, but every time I have called in for help, I have left with the same 'glow' of having received the best and friendliest help ever -- Thank you Peak!!!! Denny L. Corvallis Area Customer